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Singer-songwriter Armaan Malik is quite happy to see people consuming non film music more than movie songs, but feels there’s a lot more “potential”, if musicians don’t create music that sounds like a movie song.

“I feel even though there’s a lot of potential for non-film music, [but] it’s very important to keep the sound different from Bollywood. Because I hear a lot of music already sounding the same as a film soundtrack. Non-film should have its own distinct sound and approach. The way I am going about it, I’m making sure I’m doing things differently and trying to introduce new sonics in the music space,” he says.

“Having said that, there has to be a YOU element in your song. However cool and current your sound is, there has to be some individual and distinctive presence of your artistry in the track,” adds Armaan, who released his second English single, next 2 me, in a span of three months.

The idea behind the peppy love number, which has crossed two million views on YouTube ever since its release last week, Armaan informs, came to him while he was self isolating, during this Lockdown period, due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

“For the first month of the lockdown, I somehow couldn’t get myself to write new music even though I had all the time in the world. I was seeking inspiration,” he says.  

“Around early May, I finally sat down in my home studio and went through a bunch of beats that my producer friend sent me on mail, and one of his ideas really clicked! I ended up writing a melody and just recorded a hook line which is ‘all I want is you next to me.’ When it came to putting the words to it, I was still confused as to where exactly I wanted to go with it. But then, I came across a quote and it just made me realise that this is such a tough time for people who are separated from their loved ones in the lockdown. The missing is real. Given that I already had the hook line in place, I then weaved the whole track’s narrative around that sentiment,” he adds.

The Lockdown period, has had every musician adapting to the fact that technology is the way forward and Armaan, is no different. “No one can escape it,” says the 24-year-old as he believes that “it has become imperative to be active and engaging with their audiences” on the Internet. “For people who belong to the old-school of thought, this might be a scary change, but you have to accept the change to move forward,” says Armaan.

He feels it’s important to not think about the “massive hit” the industry has taken because of the ongoing crisis, but, keep creating and releasing music. “For me, concerts were my main thing that used to fuel my business. I had two major college concerts which got cancelled. But it’s more important to be safe and I wouldn’t do a show until we know Covid-19 is on its way out,” he says.

“As a musician, to be honest, like I said before, I wasn’t inspired at all for the first half of the lockdown. [But] I have a lot of new releases coming up in Hindi too and looking forward to those, I have kept my spirits up and they (his upcoming singles) have been a good distraction for me,” he signs off.

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