Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Suchitra To Get Eliminated This Week?

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The weekend has begun and its time for any one contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 to bid goodbye to the show. A total of seven contestants have been nominated in the seventh week including Suchitra, Aari Arjuna, Balaji Murugadoss, Anitha Sampath, Samyuktha Karthik, Som Shekar and Rio Raj. As per Bigg Boss Tamil 4 analyst Kishore K Swamy, singer Suchitra, who entered the house as a wild card contestant on Day 28, will be eliminated from the show.


Let us tell you that the singer was seen disturbed in the previous episode. Her tension with Bala was evident in the show, especially when the duo was sent to jail after they failed to perform well in the luxury task. During the process of selecting the worst performers, Balaji was seen shouting at Suchitra, who interfered to explain what went wrong during the task. He was also seen expressing his anguish to Shivani Narayanan and Samyuktha Karthik after being jailed with Suchitra.

She in turn said that she is getting uncomfortable with Shivani’s incessant peeping at her, which again led to another argument between the two. The talented singer was also seen breaking down as she was singing inside the jail. Notably, Suchitra was playing an impressive game post her entry but was later seen taking a back seat due to reasons unknown. Her mind games were highly appreciated by her innumerable fans and followers on social media.

On a related note, it is said that Anitha Sampath and Rio Raj will be praised in the Saturday episode for their performances as MR Radha and MG Ramachandran aka MGR during the 45-hour task. Notably, Rio Raj is the new captain while Shivani Narayanan is the vice-captain for the eighth week of Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

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