Divya Khosla claims Sonu Nigam had links with Abu Salem, responds to Me Too allegations against Bhushan Kumar. Watch – music

Days after singer Sonu Nigam levelled serious allegations against her husband and T-Series head Bhushan Kumar, actor-filmmaker Divya Khosla Kumar has hit back with a point-by-point rebuttal in a new video. The singer had claimed in a video that Bhushan begged him for protection from gangster Abu Salem over two decades ago.

Divya said Sonu was running a ‘campaign’ to bring down her husband and their music label. In a video shared on Instagram, Divya said in Hindi, “For the last few days, Sonu Nigam has been running a campaign against T-Series and Bhushan Kumar ji. I want to say that T-Series has launched thousands of artists who are outsiders with no connection to the industry. These include composers, singers, lyricists, actors, directors. In my own directorial venture Yaariyaan, I gave a break to 10 newcomers. Out of them, four people – Neha Kakkar, Himansh Kohli, Rakul Preet Singh and composer Arko – are big names today. I would like to ask Sonu Nigam ji, who claims that talent is not getting a chance in the industry, how many people he has given a chance to, till date.”

Actor Sushant Sigh Rajput’s death has triggered a renewed debate around nepotism in the Hind film industry. In his first video, Sonu Nigam had said: “You might soon hear about suicides in the music industry.”

Addressing Sonu, she accused him of only caring about his own career. “You are a legend, so many people must come to you looking for work, but you have never recommended any new talent to T-Series. Neither did you seek chances for any new talent nor did you introduce any new names in the industry. It is easy to hide behind the camera and make accusations of social media but on the ground level, you have never helped any new talent come forward,” she said in the video.

In his video this week, Sonu had claimed that Bhushan came to him, requesting an introduction to Bal Thackeray, Smita Thackeray and Sahara chief Subrata Roy. Divya said, “I want to tell everyone that Sonu Nigam himself used to sing in Delhi’s Ramleela for Rs 5. Gulshan Kumar ji spotted him, recognised his talent, bought him flight tickets to come to Mumbai and told him, ‘Beta, I will make you a very big artist!’ Tell us Sonu Nigam, were you told this or not? This is the truth. Gulshan ji backed so many of your films and albums, and helped you reach this stage. But what did you do?”

T-Series founder Gulshan Kumar was shot dead in 1997. Divya said that in time of their need, Sonu didn’t come to their family’s aid. “In 1998, when the T-Series family faced a setback and Gulshan Kumar ji was assassinated, Sonu Nigam thought T-Series was finished as Bhushan was just 18 and did not know the ropes of the business. He did not think Bhushan would ever amount to anything and decided to safeguard himself. He signed up with another music label. He had no gratitude at all.”

Sonu also claimed in his video that Bhushan came to him and requested him to save him from gangster Abu Salem. Defending her husband, Divya alleged that the singer was in a position to save him from Abu Salem, as they had links.

“I now want to ask you Sonu Nigam ji why Bhushan ji came to you for help on this matter. This matter needs to be investigated. Did Sonu Nigam have links with Abu Salem? He definitely did. That is why Bhushan requested him for help, and Sonu has admitted in his video that he requested him for help,” she said.

Sonu also threatened to release the video of Marina Kuwar, who had accused Bhushan of sexual harassment in the past but later retracted her claims. The singer claimed that ‘this is how the mafia functions’. Responding to these allegations, Divya said, “#MeToo is a great movement which started so that evil people can be cleansed from society. But a lot of people took advantage of this movement for extorting money, blackmail, grudges and attacking someone from behind a woman. Bhushan ji got a lot of calls attempting to blackmail him. At that time, we took the help of the police, who deemed it a case of blackmail after investigation. The police asked us if we wanted to seek damages and we decided not to. We did not even reveal this to the media because we did not want to tarnish any girl’s reputation. You are taking advantage of this. Many even admitted that industry rivals put them up to this. But you are taking advantage of this even today.”

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Divya claimed that after Sonu’s video, the family began receiving blackmail calls over again. “I want to ask, what is the #MeToo movement? Should I put #MeToo allegations against you and call you a #MeToo rapist? Does that make you one? Please, think properly before making any videos, because you have threatened us that you will release that girl’s video. Please go ahead and do it. But remember, next time, if you want to release any video, please have the necessary proof. Without proof, the #MeToo movement does not hold water. Since you released your video, we have started getting calls blackmailing us all over again. A lot of girls are saying that they are inspired by Sonu Nigam ji and are telling us to give them work or money, otherwise they will accuse us of wrongdoing. Not only the girls, many singers are also blackmailing us,” she said.


According to Divya, she ‘really did not want’ to make the video, and even Bhushan advised her to maintain a dignified silence. “After you released your video, my husband got death threats on social media, I got rape threats and even our child got threats. Why should I tolerate my child getting threatened? Your campaign is still running. You are getting singers together and forming a group. You are brainwashing them and asking them to join you in your attempt to bring down T-Series and Bhushan Kumar,” she said.

“Let me remind you, your own wife had revealed the kind of person that you are. She publicly levelled allegations against you. First, you look at yourself and then level allegations on others,” she added. In the past, Sonu’s marriage with Madhurima Nigam hit choppy waters but the couple has now patched up.

“I was not at all in favour of making this video, I was in a huge dilemma, but I got my answer from the Bhagvad Gita. When Arjun tells Lord Krishna that he does not want to be a part of the war, Lord Krishna explains to him that for a warrior, there is nothing more important than fighting. I request you to stop brainwashing singers and music directors who have no work, otherwise the battleground is open and the war is on,” Divya concluded.

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