Krishna And His Leela Trends On Netflix! Director Ravikanth Perepu Thanks Cast & Crew After Success

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Sidhu Jonnalagadda, Shraddha Srinath, Seerat Kapoor and Shalini Vadnikatti-starrer Krishna And His Leela released on June 25 on Netflix. Directed by Ravikanth Perepu, the film was shot in 2017 and faced several roadblocks before its release.

Ravikanth and co-writer Sidhu wanted to release the film in theatres but due to the lockdown, they had to scrap the plan and release it on OTT platform. Interestingly, Krishna And His Leela is getting good response from the masses as it is trending on the list of top 10 movies on Netflix India. Isn’t it amazing?

Ravikanth Perepu

Truly overwhelmed with audiences’ response for Krishna And His Leela, Ravikanth Perepu thanked his cast and crew for making it possible. Taking to Instagram, he shared a photo of Sahu looking at the horizon while having a cup of coffee. He penned a note which read, “#KrishnaAndHisLeela took 3 years in the making. Now I look back, all of it was worth it. I will be posting a series of posts each day dedicated to every person who made today, possible. The person in the picture is Sahu. He joined the Direction Team in 2017 with a lot of hope. He was just 22. Lots of hope and untampered energy. He is the only person who was there till the end. He took up the responsibility like it’s his own. He is an artist. He corrected me whenever he thought I was going wrong. I got intimidated by his knowledge and the tangent he likes to explore when it comes to art. There was Yuvraj, Vinay, Sourabh, Vimal, Maruthi (who came in at a crucial point) among others in the Direction Team who worked hard, but this one was beside me until the very end. Although I wished he moved on and did something else, but he had decided to waste his time on me. I felt responsible, I felt the need to deliver a product which will make this guy not regret his time. Sahu, the journey from now is going to be even harder. But I can promise you it would be worthwhile. Safar khoobsurat hai, manzil se bhi. Hope you get it, atleast now.”

Ravikanth Perepu’s debut film Kshanam was a big hit at the box office. After Krishna And His Leela, fans want to see more of his work.

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