Our ambitions and expectations are a reason for depression: Shashank Vyas – tv

Actor Sushant Singh’s death not only triggered conversations around mental health but also about expectations and ambition in careers. And actor Shashank Vyas has a take on the topics too. He feels people need to accept their failures and shortcomings in the same way they welcome their success.  

The Balika Vadhu actor shares, “I think that ambitions and expectations cause depression. We create them and get depressed when they are not realised. So, we need to be responsible and take ownership of our successes and failures. Nobody can make you, and no one can destroy you. There are days when one feels low, and even if you are surrounded by friends, they seem invisible to you. One needs to understand that it happens because they are unable to meet their expectations. When someone expects something in life and it doesn’t happen, why do they forget that those were their dreams, and they need to accept them — whether they were successful or not.”

The actor follows a simple mantra in life and that is to give your best. “Be nice to people and respect everyone. And do your job. Beyond that, one can’t do much,” he says. The Roop — Mard Ka Naya Swaroop actor further reveals that mental peace is important to him. “When my mental peace gets affected, I just do nothing!! In life, there are moments where you need to let things settle on their own.” 

Vyas discloses that music helped him cope with stress and motivated him when he was not getting any work on TV. “I was giving a number of auditions and music helped me stay motivated. I can’t imagine my life without music, for me, it’s as important as breathing. Just as there are highs and lows in life, there are a variety of genres of music to appeal to you and your senses,” he signs off.

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