Ram Gopal Varma Supports Karan Johar: People Should First Understand Why He Became Successful

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Director Ram Gopal Varma has yet again come into limelight by extending support to Karan Johar, who has become the latest victim of social media hatred. The renowned producer of Bollywood has been highly criticized by netizens, who have called him the flag bearer of nepotism, and one of the reasons behind Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.


RGV during an interaction with host Siddharth Kannan, slammed people for criticizing Karan for promoting nepotism in the industry. Calling out social media for its fake storm, he said, “Social media suddenly brews up and catches fire, it rages and dies down. This has happened umpteen times. This is not the first time it happened, which is why I am calling it a fake storm. But once it settles down, all the actors need work, and they will go for the top filmmakers, out of which Karan Johar is one.”

Talking about Karan, RGV said that the producer has become a success in the industry because of his works which got immense love from people and not because he is an insider or Yash Johar’s son.He said, “A man doesn’t become successful himself, he is made successful by the people who watch his film or who are wanting to watch his films. And that is the reason why people know Karan Johar, not because he is an insider or Yash Johar’s son. You can’t take that away from him. Hating him and not understanding why he became successful in the first place. He is not the one who should be blamed for being successful, rather people should be blamed for making him successful.”

Earlier, he had called Karan a bigger victim and tweeted, “Just want to say this to the ignorant social lynch mob that @karanjohar is a bigger victim in this context compared to their ill-perceived and suddenly discovered victim Sushant.” He also went on to say that society would collapse without nepotism.

On the work front, RGV recently released his movie Climax amid COVID-19 lockdown. Featuring Mia Malkova, the movie was released on RGV World, which received a mixed response from the audiences.

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