RGV Reveals The Duration Of His Next NAKED; Twitterati Have This To Say About The Erotic Thriller

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Nowadays, Ram Gopal Varma is giving a back-to-back treat to his fans by releasing his pending projects on the online theatre RGV World. A few days ago, we had reported that RGV’s erotic thriller Naked Nanga Nagnam aka NAKED is releasing on the app, Shreyas ET on June 27 at 9 pm. Unlike his last bold film, Climax starring adult star Mia Malkova in the lead role, Ramu is charging Rs 200 per view for NAKED.

Ram Gopal Varma

After he revealed the watch price of his film, Twitterati started slamming RGV for he told the reason behind the hike in price is because Indian women value more than foreign women. However, the filmmaker is all set to give yet another shock to his fans. RGV recently revealed the duration of NAKED and it is only 22 minutes long.

Taking to Twitter, Ram Gopal Varma wrote, “The film NAKED is 22 minutes long and releasing 27 th June 9 pm on http://RGVWorld.in/ShreyasET http://RGVWorld.Uscreen.io and http://YouTube.com/RGV NAKED is Rs 200/- per view which is Rs 100 more than CLIMAX #NNN.”

After this tweet, Twitterati started bashing RGV for charging Rs 200 just for a 22-minute long erotic thriller. Reacting in the comment, netizens expressed their displeasure over his charges.

See tweets:

Karan Singh @karansingh4477: 22 mins 200/- Thinking face please post back how many have watched.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil_shenoy: 200 Rs Crazy or what

explorer @iminfinityf: I expect your next movie will be rs.300

Haricharan @gvharicharan: 22 min ni movie ela mention chestaru adhi short film avthadi

RajeshkumarM @rajesh929: 22 minutes, ee already watched 3 minutes in trailer so remaining 19 minutes only not 200 worth

Ganesh Lanks @Ganeshlan1: I wish you a great luck to you by testing people to watch naked movie by paying 200 over free source videos. hope it will not fail

On a related note, RGV’s last Climax got a solid viewership on the internet. The filmmaker is all set to bring a movie on COVID-19 crisis titled Coronavirus.

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