Rhea Kapoor’s “Insane” Gift For “Best Brother-In-Law” Anand Ahuja

Rhea Kapoor's 'Insane' Gift For 'Best Brother-In-Law' Anand Ahuja

Rhea Kapoor with Anand Ahuja (courtesy rheakapoor)


  • Rhea Kapoor picked out the perfect gift for Anand Ahuja
  • She got him glass sneakers
  • “Insane,” Anand Ahuja wrote in his Instagram story

New Delhi:

Actress Sonam Kapoor’s husband Anand Ahuja’s birthday is not until the end of July but Sonam’s sister Rhea Kapoor has a birthday present for him already. On her Instagram story on Monday, Rhea Kapoor revealed the dilemma she faced while picking out a birthday present for “best bro-in-law” Anand Ahuja, who is a sneaker lover and owns the sneaker brand VegNonVeg. “What shoe do you get the guy that’s got a sneaker store?” Rhea Kapoor captioned an Instagram story. But Rhea Kapoor found just the perfect gift and shared a photo of a pair of decorative glass sneakers from a design studio, thanking them for helping her “with my late birthday present for the best bro-in-law of life.” However, Rhea didn’t elaborate on what she meant by her delayed birthday gift for Anand Ahuja, who described the present as “Insane” on his Instagram story.

Take a look:


Screenshot of Anand Ahuja’s Instagram story

Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor got married in May 2018. Anand’s love for sneakers made headlines during his wedding when he walked into his own wedding reception in May 2018 in a pair of white sneakers styled with sherwani. Rhea Kapoor is also a fellow sneaker lover, wearing a pair to Sonam’s mehendi function.

Meanwhile on Rhea Kapoor’s birthday this year, Anand Ahuja shared this adorable birthday wish for her: “RheeBee! She hides it well but she’s the most giving person I know. Happy Birthday!”

The love for sneakers runs in the Kapoor family, actually. Harshvardhan is a bona-fine sneaker enthusiast, posting photos of himself in vintage pairs and newly launched designs. Earlier, Anand had shared then and now photos of Anil Kapoor sometime in 2018 and in both the photos Anil Kapoor can be seen wearing similar sneakers. “Nike then (in Saheb, 1984) and Nike now (in Race 3),” Anand Ahuja had captioned the post.

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