Rupali Ganguly on talks around TV losing out in race with films, web: Every medium has its drawbacks, why make a hue and cry only about TV? – tv

Amid discussions around limitations and the quality of TV content, Rupali Ganguly feels it’s wrong to write off a medium completely. The actor does not believe that the small screen is lagging behind in all aspects. But she also agrees that there is always scope to do better.

“Every medium has its drawback. Can anyone say that all the films and web shows that are being made are good? Hit concepts and genres do repeated in films and web too. Even actors get stereotyped in both mediums. So, why this hue and cry only about TV? Yes I agree shows sometimes go over dramatic, hit tracks get repeated, but then why not also talk about the kind of interesting shows that the medium is churning? I don’t understand why we’re being harsh towards TV that has entertained us for years and still at it,” she adds.


Ganguly made a comeback to TV after a hiatus of seven years. She was last seen in Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi. The actor shares being happy spending time with son and family during this break while waiting for the right offer to come her way.

“I wasn’t getting the kind of characters I wanted to play. I wasn’t keen on just playing a mother or sister. If I’m doing a daily soap I would like my character to drive the narrative. I wanted something that I haven’t done before. If the role doesn’t satisfy me, then it won’t reflect in my performance and I won’t be able to make it interesting for the audience. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t anything good happening on TV. Just that things didn’t work out for me,” she says.

The actor feels evolution on TV is a continuous process. She also lauds the small screen for having a bias less outlook towards everyone that leads to more opportunities.

“There are good roles for actors of every age now. In fact TV is a breeding ground for new talents. There are so many actors who start their journey with television, learn so much from here and then start try in films and web,” adds the Sarabhai VS Sarabhai actor.

However, she doesn’t deny that more makers should show the courage to experiment with newer concepts. “I believe we need to create more and more varied content and the TV audience should also be a little more accepting. It needs to be a two way process or else it won’t work,” she concludes.

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