Sonu Nigam: Until concert scenario opens up, won’t leave my son in Dubai and stay in isolation in Mumbai – music

To say that the coronavirus pandemic has brought the world down on it’s knees won’t be wrong. However, for singer Sonu Nigam, this has been ‘catharsis of a kind’.

He tells us, “I feel reassured that my belief in the true nature of life, was actually the truth, and not what the world was trying to make me believe. I was surrounded with people who would broadcast in brazen arrogance that they were the Maai Baaps (creator, provider, sustainer, destroyer) of the music industry, the film industry. I could see the stark difference in my idea of success and their perception of success. I see all that crumble in front of my eyes today.” 

What came as a big shock to Nigam, however, was composer-singer Wajid Khan’s sudden demise recently. He gets emotional when he says, “Wajid was someone whom I loved more than he loved me. And I loved loving him. Because I just loved him. It’ll take me a very long time to come to terms with his loss.

It has been close to three months since Nigam has been stuck in Dubai due to the nationwide lockdown. In fact, he reveals that even as unlock 1. is in place and restricted travel has been allowed, he has “no plans of coming back to India, as of now, given the pandemic”.

And therefore, he won’t avail the facility of repatriation flights too, since his new house there is going to be ready in 20 days.

“We’ll move there,” the 46-year-old continues, “I have a home studio, so I engineer it myself and get my work done myself. Until the concert scenario opens up, I don’t see any reason for me to leave my son here and stay in Mumbai alone in isolation.” 

And even though real-life concerts are a distant reality, it hasn’t really stopped Nigam from fulfilling his creative urges through the online medium instead, with vlogs and online concerts. He describes the latter as ‘tedious but fulfilling’.

“All the more since they were my contribution for the generation of funds for PMC. We did a lot of songs, especially one that I spearheaded with ISRA where we brought 211 singers together for one song Jayatu Jayatu Bharatam, again for PMC, kind of a world record of sort,” he shares.

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