Twinkle Khanna Adds Green To Her House By Recycling Old Bottles

Twinkle Khanna Adds Green To Her House By Recycling Old Bottles

Twinkle Khanna in her home garden (courtesy twinklerkhanna)


  • Twinkle Khanna is trying to grow plants in water
  • “All trial and error at this point,” she wrote
  • “This is a new pursuit,” she added

New Delhi:

Twinkle Khanna, who loves gardening and describes herself as someone with a “green thumb,” shared glimpses of how she’s been adding more and more green to the nooks and corners of her house. In a post on Saturday, Twinkle Khanna wrote about growing money plants, mint, rosemary and philodendrons in glass bottles and jars. She also shared photos a few pretty corners of her house and encouraged her followers to give this a try: “The monsoon is getting ready to rain on my parade but I have a few green umbrellas ready. This is a new pursuit – Growing plants in water. All trial and error at this point, though money plant as we all know does well in water. Now trying out Mint, Rosemary and some Philodendrons. Give it a shot. Use up all your old bottles and jars. Yes, some of those on my shelf are recycled bottles that once held a precious liquid – gin,” Twinkle wrote in her post.

Earlier, in a post dipped in her signature sense of humour, Twinkle had revealed that while she can’t cook or dance, she’s incredibly good at nurturing plants: “I am inordinately clumsy and butterfingers could be my middle name but my thumb is a spectacular green. Can’t cook, can’t dance, can’t even make small talk, but give me a tiny piece of land and I will give it so much love that it can’t help but love me back.”

Twinkle Khanna believes in the concept of growing your own food as she shared this post earlier: “What you sow, you shall reap and I planted a love for gardening in the hearts of my children.This is my harvest-their help in digging, watering and this large bowl of Ceylon Palak. It grows like a weed and is easily propagated by planting the stem back after taking out the leaves.”

Former actress Twinkle Khanna, who switched careers to become a best-selling author, often features in advertorials. Twinkle, who has had a brief career in films, doesn’t hesitate to joke about “legendary acting skills”. She currently sports many hats – she’s a columnist, an interior designer, a producer and also a Twitter humourist. Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary in January this year.

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