We start shooting at home from June 25, says Shraddha Arya – tv

After staying at home due to the pandemic, actor Shraddha Arya is raring to go back to work. While the shoot of her primetime TV show starts soon, it will not be on the set that she is used to. “We will start shooting on June 25 but from the confines of my home. We are going to shoot in our houses for sometime, till things get better outside, and hopefully we will shoot on a real set,” she says.

The actor shot for a promo for the show and though it was a bit tough, “it was fun too”. “I will be managing everything from lighting to makeup to camera angle to continuity etc. I can’t wait to be an actor, director and cameraperson for my scenes! I shot a promo for the show and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It feel so good and was a sense of accomplishment because it was productive and engaged my mind. Though, I have to say, it was quite draining too. For now, we will try out best to shoot scenes for episodes and what happens in the coming weeks will be the producers’ call of, who will decide when we go on an actual set.” 

Since Unlock 1.0, Arya has stepped out to buy groceries and admits that “the fresh air felt good”. Talking about the new normal, she states, “I drove past the beach, which felt so refreshing. It felt wonderful to be able to move around and feel ‘free’, and that’s when you realise that the small things give you great happiness. The new normal will be a novel experience for everyone. One has to wear masks at all time, watch out when you are in an elevator as it is a close space, hugs won’t be the same and handshakes are ruled out. There will be a constant fear in your mind and you will wonder if you are careful enough or not? But one has to learn to live with it, only then will we be able to accept the new normal and it won’t be new anymore.”

With the industry abuzz about conversations regarding pay cuts of actors to manage budgets, Arya reveals that as of now there has been no pay cut, “but I have been hearing some talk about it. As of now, our remuneration remains as is,” she says.  

She explains that she has reservations about going to an actual set but also believes that it is important for our bodies and minds to start working. “We need to prepare our bodies by eating the right food, exercising and taking vitamins, so we can brave the outside world. There are a lot of things that need to be looked into. But the producers are being responsible and following the guidelines needed in this scenario, yet, we have to be careful as well.”

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